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White Sands, New Mexico

The Beginners Guide to White Sands, New Mexico Tucked away in Southern New Mexico is an oasis waiting to be discovered. In the past four years, I lived only 45 minutes away from this unique destination and was only able to enjoy it a hand full of times. As a 'local' I have gathered some helpful tips to make your experience to this water less beach front location worth while. 

Eat:  This national monument is packed with miles and miles of rolling sand dunes, you may have to drive a short while for a refreshing afternoon snack. My personal recommendation would be to grab a sweet sunday or classic caliche from Caliches Frozen Custard in Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

Play:  If you are traveling with family or looking for a romantic night out, White Sands serves all types of travelers. For families I would recommend visiting the dunes earlier in the morning when the park opens. You don't want me be caught in the scorching desert heat while sliding down these hills. I would recommend bri…

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