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Rome, Italy

The last big adventure we went on was a two part fold in Italy. This specific post I will share my travel experiences in Rome and have another page for The Almafi Coast here.

In a few earlier posts, I wrote about the struggles of being a student traveler and having only the weekend to tackle all we needed. This trip was quick adventure that we tackled. 
I had Rome on the top of my places to visit and I was going to try my very hardest to get there. Our trip to Rome was only for 24 hours because we wanted to explore the Almafi Coast that very weekend. We left Barcelona early in the morning and mapped our key locations to visit within 24 hours. We knew we did not have time to go in and tour Rome greatest treasures, so we settled on visiting them on the exterior. 
After checking into our Airbnb we quickly changed from our travelers clothes to our tourist attire. First on our list was the Colosseum. Ever since I was a little girl I watched The Lizzie McQuire Movie  and knew one day I would g…

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