Ibiza, Spain

When presented the invite to travel to Ibiza, hands down I was all in. The island is known to be home of many of my favorite Electronic Dance Music artist and I had to see what all the hype was about. A good friend of mine Cat invited me to tag along with her and her brothers and I was all in. So here we go...

The week before I found a cheap flight from Barcelona to Ibiza and without any hesitation I booked it as quick as I possibly could. My flight arrived a few hours before my friends so I had a couple hours to enjoy the early mornings of Ibiza alone. From the airport I taxied straight to our hotel and decided to find the beach to unwind and relax. I arrived with only a backpack full of swimsuits, various party attire options and zero expectations about the weekend. With my swimsuit already under my travel clothes I took a early morning stroll down the beach taking in the crisp early morning air. The water was calm and the beaches were empty; the ideal place to clear all thoughts and worries. 

A little sleepy from the early morning flight, I decided to treat myself to breakfast with a view. I found a little restaurant on the water front with the most important item on the menu free wifi. By myself I sat and took my time wandering about what the weekend would look like. Finally I received a text message that my friends arrived on the island. It was go time. 

Our hotel wasn't the 5 star resort that I pictured many artist enjoyed, but it was exactly what a college student traveling on a budget could afford. Thankfully to our surprise the hotel was only a few blocks down from the beach and raging night life. 

Our first item on the agenda, was to attend "Ibiza's Biggest Boat Party". And that it exactly was. Besides the scorching heat with little shade and super long lines waiting to board the ship, we had the time of our life. While traveling I always like making friends with random strangers that down the road turn into life long friends. Those type of friends I met while on the boat in Ibiza. Two girls around my same age from L.A celebrating their birthday weekend. The highlight of that entire boat ride was the surprise in the middle of the ride. The boat docked mid ride in the middle of the ocean and we were surrounded by deep turquoise blue waters. We all had the chance to jump off the back of the boat and enjoy the perfectly blue sea. The moment was magical. 

The following day was even more magical. After recovering from a night out, we all decided to recover on the beach that a local recommended. That beach, that island, that day was the most relaxed I have ever felt in my entire life. I have never seen a beach more beautiful than the one we found in Ibiza (considering I have been to Hawaii a hand full of times). The beach was pure soft white sand and the water was so clear that we could see the little fish swarming around us. And the yachts, so many yachts.  Again the water was deep turquoise blue that we spent the entire day there. Luxury is an understatement when it comes to Ibiza.

There was a moment during that day, that I collected all my thoughts and aspirations and found what I was looking for in Ibiza. I will never forget floating on my back in the deep blue with only my thoughts swarming, in that moment a small light bulb went off. In that place and time I knew what I wanted to do with my future. Whatever it was I knew that I was going to return back to this island only once I have become successful. Hoping that is somewhere near of course. Words cannot truly explain the amount peace I felt in the moment on that day, a feeling that I will forever be searching for. 

The day did not end there. After a long day at the beach and despacito stuck in my head, it was time for our last night on this magical island. We were ready for this last night out. The hard thing about being a student traveler, is finding that balance of living like a King while not breaking the bank. This last night on the island we lived like Kings. We eventually found ourselves at one of Ibiza's biggest night clubs Pacha. We had a smaller Pacha in Barcelona, but this one did not compare to the jungle we entered, literally. Taking advice from Cat's brother, we decided we wanted to make some new friends and happened to meet some friends from Amsterdam. Oddly we were planning a trip to Amsterdam the following weekend so they were able to give us some great tips. 

A little bit of information that I failed to include was the fact that I had an 8 AM flight to catch that following morning. Being semi responsible I set about 5 alarms reminding myself to leave the club and get to the airport. While at Pacha I looked down at my phone and noticed 2/5 alarms had already gone off. Cat and I grabbed our two new friends to watch one last morning sunrise on the beaches of Ibiza together. Once the sun was up, we said goodbye, grabbed my bags and in a blink of an eye was off to the airport back to Barcelona. 

Those two days on that luxurious island inspired me to work hard in hope to return back once again. We were very fortune that we had a safe and exciting weekend there. A few weeks after my trip, some classmates of mine went and did not share the same experience. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone thinking about traveling to Ibiza is simply to be aware of everyone around you. Have your guard up but don't be afraid to explore just a little bit. Lastly thank you Ibiza for the motivation, see you soon. 


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